• Christian Community
  • Spiritual Inspiration
  • Creative Expression
  • Mission & Service
  • Faith Formation
  • Leadership Development
  • Discipleship Mentoring
  • Positive fun activity
All in a loving environment
for all the youth
of New Rochelle.


Sponsored by the Catholic parishes of:

RELIG Highlights 2015-16

  • Justin Fatica/Hard as Nails is back!
  • 3 Retreat weekends!
  • 2 Soccer Tournaments
  • P.O. Steve Mc Donald
  • Divine Mercy Shrine trip
  • NYCYD & NCYC Rally events
  • Saturday Night Live

Plus: Rally nights with inspirational speakers & films, class retreats, The Shack, Tuesday afternoon drop in, New Rochelle Random acts of kindness & Clean up, 6 Flags Trip, Paintball trip, Farm trip, Christmas & Year end celebrations.


Welcome To Relig

The Catholic Youth Community of New Rochelle.
112 Division Street

New Rochelle, NY 10801

Contact Information:
Relig director Tony Bellizzi
Phone: 914-632-TEEN  (8336)

Tony at home @: 718-479-2594
email: religcyc@aol.com

Face to face, person to person are actually our favorite ways to communicate, phone calls are a distant but often necessary second, but Facebook & Email are the most convenient ways to keep up to date, so  join the Relig 21st Century Facebook group.

Relig Assistant Director & Holy Name Youth Minister- Carlos Gutierrez

Relig Board president & Confirmation Administrator- George Morris 914-235-0528
email: esolgeorge@aol.com

Relig themes

  • 2000-01 What would Jesus do?
  • 01-02 Practice random acts of Kindness
  • 02-03 JOY- Jesus 1st, Others 2nd, You 3rd
  • 03-04 We can make a difference
  • 04-05 Friends for the Journey
  • 05-06 FAMILY- Forget About Me I Love You
  • 06-07 Cross-Training
  • 07-08 FAITH- Forget About It Trust Him
  • 08-09 When it hits the fan Christ is your man
  • 09-10 Have no fear Jesus is here!
  • 10-11 No need to bust,
    It’s Jesus you should trust
  • 11-12 FML- Feel My Love
  • 12-13 J.O.E. Jesus Over Everything
  • 13-14 B.O.S.S.- Be Our Sacred Savior
  • 14-15 BAE- Billions Against Evil