Things To Do @ The Relig Home

It’s your Home – Make The Most of It


  • Shine – Spend some time with Jesus in the chapel
  • Share – Talk with Tony or Carlos and Relig staff
  • Reflect – Visit the Shack
  • Grow – Make a retreat
  • Learn – Watch an inspirational movie
  • Discover – Check out books, bibles, and music in the library
  • Plan – See Mr. Tedesco about college and your future
  • Create – Have some fun in the activities room
  • Explore – Check out the catacombs
  • Eat – Help yourself to refreshments in the kitchen
  • Connect – Make new friends & hang with old friends
  • Love – Help out with a service project
  • Contribute – Add a photo of yourself to the wall
  • Bring it home – Scoop up something inspirational to share
  • Clean – Leave it in good shape for those that come after you

The Relig Home


First Floor
Living Room – Retreets, meetings, inspirational materials, games
Kitchen – You know what to do here!

Second Floor
Blessed Sacrement Chapel – Visit Jesus first
Activities Room – Create sometingLibrary – Find something good for your life
Bathroom  Check out the walls (after you flush please)

The Shack – Spend time with God (don’t miss this)

Catacombs – Don’t go alone